Where Can I Get Okrika Clothes in Nigeria?

The word ‘Okrika’ is a word used to generally describe second-hand clothing in Nigeria. The name was gotten from a small port town in Rivers State, named ‘Okrika’. Old tales suggest that the town Okrika was where all second-hand clothes came to Nigeria. This was where the business of selling second-hand clothes started. Eventually, however, all second-handed clothes became known by the name ‘Okrika’. So, wherever you find yourself in Nigeria, all second-hand clothes are known as Okrika.

This origin can be traced as far back as the 1950s and 1960s. Okrika was the only port where used clothes from Europe could come through and for a long time, the business thrived, as it still is.

About The Okrika Clothing Business in Nigeria

The Okrika business is simply a business that involves the selling of Okrika clothes in Nigeria. People who sell these second-hand clothes also refer to them as Belgium, tokunbo, and bend-down-select clothes. The prices of these Okrika clothes in Nigeria largely depends on the brand and quality of the second-hand clothes.

This business is often done by young Nigerians since the high unemployment rate forces them to create businesses of their own to survive. Another reason is that the business of selling goods is quite popular in Nigeria. Either way, the Okrika business is a competitive business which not many can cope with.

The Okrika business is a very lucrative one due to its quality, variety, affordability, durability, and many others.


Where to Buy Okrika Clothes From

Well, to put it simply, Okrika clothes come from several countries all around the world. Some of these popular countries where Okrika clothes come from are The United Kingdom, Europe, The United States of America, and Asia. Most of the sales, however, are for clothes from The United States of America and Europe. Some Okrika sellers, however, sell second-hand clothes from Asia.


Where Can I Get Okrika Clothes in Nigeria?

It depends a lot on the number of Okrika clothes you wish to buy. However, you can get Okrika from any market. If you want to buy Okrika clothes on a small-scale, you can visit any textile shop around you or patronize online sellers or a marketplace like Okriks.com. However, if you want to buy Okrika clothes in bulk, you will need to go to Lagos. There are several markets you can get them from such as Yaba, Balogun, and Idumota market.

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