The Okriks Project

In many developing countries begging and giving is part of the local culture. This is no different in the giant of Africa – Nigeria. Did you know that when you buy secondhand clothing you’re giving to charities in the Western world?

There’s nothing wrong with giving, no matter the society you give too. However, we need to create a culture within our own country where giving to the less privileged becomes second nature.

The Nigerian society has a large population of low-income earners and an equally large quota cannot afford to feed or clothe themselves.

The Okriks Project was developed solely for the purpose of giving to people in need. It was the idea that gave birth to the Reverse Commerce Marketplace –

Think about it…

Some seconhand items are unusable. In the markets, sellers call these items Grade C and sell them to eager buyers. But the truth is that these Grade C Okrika or Akube items could be given away to those in need for a token or for free.


The average used clothing market prices are below:

Women’s tops – 1000 naira
Women’s dresses – 1500 naira
Men’s shirts – 2000 naira
Kids clothing 700-1000 naira

Above are standard prices you’ll find in the market. But what if these prices are reduced to accommodate low-income earners. What if these prices are further reduced to about 100 naira for items with defects? This will enable people who absolutely cannot afford clothing to look and feel like the average Nigerian.

The Okriks Project simply has one purpose: “To clothe Nigerians in need”

For Charities
We give away stock typically classified as Grade C to people in need. We send these items to charities and ensure that kids and adults on the streets don’t pay a dime.

Of course, we do our best to restore the items before giving them away. So if you know any charities in need, please send an email with the charity registration number and contact details to

For Low-income Earners
Okriks has a section on the website for 100 naira items. These are basically Grade B items and are sold for 100 naira each. The defects are not huge and some of these items are even new but with slight factory defects.

We encourage you to be part of the Okriks Project. If you have old clothing, shoes and bags and want to give them away to those in need, then let us know by sending an email and we will send you the contact details of a participating charity near you.

Why Give At All???

For one thing, our culture is one that fosters love and community. Before colonization, we ate as a group, farmed in groups and much more. Africans personify the phrase “my brother’s keeper”.

So now even with commercialization and Westernization, we shouldn’t lose that which makes us unique – “our love for one another”

If you’ve ever lived abroad you’ll understand what I mean. Remember that loneliness you feel when you’re broke or can’t pay your bills? You look back at your home country and think “if I was in Naija, somebody for help me”.

So guys, give give give! If you want to be a part of our next drive please send an email and we’ll inform you of the next Okriks Project in your State.