5 Reasons to Choose Used Fashion Apparels Over Brand New in Nigeria.

The used fashion apparel industry in Nigeria is developing rapidly. This is as a result of the importation of used fashion apparels or as it is called in Nigeria, ‘Okrika’ or second-hand clothes or bend-down select clothes. These clothes are worn by millions of Nigerians despite their varying ethnicities, religion or class. There are many reasons why people choose to wear used fashion apparels (Okrika) in Nigeria. Here are five (5) of the reasons.

  1. Durability: Okrika clothes have been tested and proven that they are more durable than brand new clothes. For the fact that they outlast brand new clothes, millions of Nigerians choose to purchase and wear second-hand clothes.
  2. Affordability:it is not news that Nigerians are generally low income earners. According to recent reports, Nigeria is the country with the greatest number of poor citizens with over millions of Nigerians living in poverty. With this fact, people living in Nigeria have decided to choose Okrika clothes because it is very cheap, unlike brand new clothes that are very expensive. For example, a shirt in a boutique can cost  5,000 Naira but can be bought in an Okrika market for less than 1,000 Naira if you drive a hard bargain. Due to the cheap nature of second-hand clothes, some boutique owners go to Okrika markets, purchase Okrika wears in bulk at a very low price and display it in their boutiques for sale at a high price.
  3. Variety: Brand new clothes do not usually have as much variety as Okrika clothes. Okrika clothes give you the opportunity to choose various styles of a particular cloth for the same price. For brand new clothes, each style comes with a specific price.
  4. Popularity:Okrika clothes are very popular. Every large market you visit in Nigeria has sections for the sale of second-hand clothes. Adverts are not even required to market these clothes. Both the low income earners and middle-class Nigerians all wear Okrika clothes. Nigerians now often say: “no be only poor man dey wear Okrika cloth oh, now even people wey get small money dey wear Okrika too”. In other words, Second-hand wears are not just for the low-class Nigerians alone.
  5. Mobile marketability:Okrika clothes can be sent to you directly to your homes. You do not have to walk or transport yourself to an Okrika market to get your desired wears. From the comfort of your home, you can order online and your wears will be sent to you at your doorsteps.

As you can see, used fashion apparels are better than brand new. So, for everyone living in Nigeria, choose second-hand wears because they are durable, affordable, offers variety, popular and mobility.

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